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This site has been created  to assist current and future owners of a Noelex yacht get the inside story about the ever popular one class Noelex25 and Noelex30 yachts.

Future owners in particular will be able to make a balanced decision when contemplating purchasing a safe, comfortable cruiser/racer that has endured and outlasted many other trailable yachts since the 1970's era.


The vast majority of owners have gone through their racing years and whilst a Noelex yacht is very fast, comfort in cruising with ease of handling and safety is unsurpassed.

As most owners do not race they tend to customize their boat and pay little attention to Class Rules which come into play only when actively racing.


Both Noelex classes have been produced initially in New Zealand and since 1987 in Australia. Production ended in the mid 1990's and despite some efforts to revitalize the industry, construction costs made it impossible and prohibitive to re-commence building.


More than 500 Noelex25's and in excess of 100 Noelex30 yachts (including a number of Farr940 boats) were produced. Only two reports are known to exist of the loss of one Noelex25 in a road accident and one Noelex30 which broke its mooring during a violent storm and was damaged beyond repair when washed onto a rocky shore. Both incidents occurred in Australia.


Approximately 50% of both classes are located in New Zealand with the remainder residing in Australia.

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